Valuation Methods


Look over My Shoulder and See How Ordinary Businesses Use a Strategic Process That I First Implemented as The Chief Investment Officer of The World’s #1 Ranked Hedge Fund Company.
In This Extraordinary Training You Will Discover a Step By Step Systematic Process That Will Allow You To Create The Maximum Valuation For Your Company and Maximum Shareholder Value For You The Business Owner.
Did you realize that the game is stacked against you as a private business owner?
Our expertise is to close the gap between private and public valuations in your favor. This system is the solution and the difference between retiring on a private island in the Pacific versus slaving extra years trying to find a fully priced buyer for your company. You want the ability to walk away on your own terms at your ideal time, at the right and fair price for your business. That’s what our system will do for you.
In this complimentary multi-media training you will achieve an entirely new valuation model so that you can obtain public valuation for your privately held company:

Do NOT even think of selling your company until you have gone through this ‘Speed To Exit’ Valuation Strategy System. Discover a completely different New Economy business valuation system to instantly increase the multiple for your business by at least 2X to 3X what other companies are receiving in your industry.

Use this completely new valuation model to quickly reorganize your financial capital in a way that perfectly matches how a publically traded company industry organizes their company’s financial capital. STOP “the multiple handicap syndrome” from limiting your company valuation and create your target operating public company model screened from a database of 197 SP 500 Indices of over 7000 public companies.

Benefit from my highly-guarded business valuation formula for formatting your financial data using a completely different operating model than what you competitors are using. You will discover a completely new real world real time financials training—this training will position your business inside of a more relevant and completely different operating model needed in the New Economy.

Make use of my high velocity dual track exit strategy valuation system to accelerate your transition into your retirement years.

1. Receive the highest valuation in your industry as a privately held company. (You will use my proprietary system to overlay a public company model tailored niquely to your private company to achieve a public company valuation that ranks you best of breed, first in class within your industry) ; and,

2. Position yourself to attract top tier investors who want to buy your company. You don’t have to be a seller today or even entertain the thought, but the time to prepare for your exit is now. You willnever know when Warren Buffet will call!!

You will discover how to overcome the greatest hurdle for business continuity—bringing ideal buyers to the table. Now you will know how to magnify your value in a way that other companies in your industry cannot.)

Gain instant positioning over your competition. You will be using a new model that does NOT use yesterday’s typical valuation formulas—the old model is not geared to thriving in the New Economy. What your competition uses is fundamentally flawed. Position yourself smarter as opposed to working harder.

Why You ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH This Multi-Media Training BEFORE creating your exit strategy or selling your company
Simply put...the old valuation model is too slow and outdated for today’s New Economy business environment. Not only that, but today investors are much more attracted to investing in privately held companies. Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon and others are attracting top tier investor dollars…Why aren’t they going public and how can you capitalize on what investors are looking for when it comes to investing in privately held companies?...
“How To Achieve A Public Valuation For Your Small Business…Guaranteed!” is our proprietary system for business owners wanting to operate more profitably today.
How To Achieve A Public Valuation For Your Small Business…Guaranteed! consists of 7 clearly defined steps over 26 weeks, step by step, for you to maximize operating profits. Our system will propel you, in an actionable sequence, from the very first day, to generate greater and higher quality profits immediately. Our program is so good we guarantee it.
In this Free Report you will discover a process that will help you achieve the maximum value for your company even if it’s for sale. We will have you operating like an industry leading public company and ready to reap the reward when you want to, not when you have to.
I am sure that you have combed the financial pages looking at high price to earnings stocks and wondered why your private company wasn’t valued the same way. Is it possible that the public company is that much better than yours? I doubt it.
What`s the difference?

Every great public company operates to one common theme, regardless of industry and I’m willing to share that expertise with you in "How To Achieve A Public Valuation For Your Small Business…Guaranteed!”. You don’t need another old guru model that’s just a data dump of nothings. You don’t need team building, you crave equity building.

You want to make more money and increase your company’s value. Our fast track system will get you in motion. We have exactly what you need in a step by step playbook toward excellence. I will have you launched into a 7 step action plan to increase the value of your business in 6 months. We will teach you how to operate like a finely tuned machine and on your way to achieving a greater valuation for your private company.

You are the business owner, which makes you the shareholder. You are also the CEO. You job as CEO is to increase shareholder value. Is the CEO acting in the best interest of his shareholder? We will show you how 2 increase profits, have a higher return on equity (that equity is yours) and maximize shareholder value (that’s you) in 6 months. 

The investments you make in yourself today are the dividends paid for as long as you operate your company to the target model we custom design for your business.

Warren Buffet, The Oracle of Omaha, and legendary investor says “the greatest investment anyone can make is the investment that they make in themselves”. As a business owner in a rapidly changing dynamic world, you can’t afford to be without “How To Achieve A Public Valuation For Your Small Business…Guaranteed”.

No matter what your business, we will create for you, a custom made target operating model. Our system combs 197 SP 500 industry sectors to find the perfect target operating model designed specifically to fit your business. We will have you operating like a best of breed public company in 6 months. We will custom tailor for you an operating model derived from a proven, best in class, public company.  We can show you tangible operating results in 6 months, we guarantee it.

Is your team as good as mine? My team used this proprietary modeling technique to achieve the title of World’s #1 ranked Hedge Fund for 3 years performance from the Barclays Hedge Fund Review.   I have 30+ years of institutional investing experience and connections to the Street’s best and brightest. The depth of my rolodex is yours to access.

We can also provide you with access to boutique bankers for investment banking functions such as capital introduction, merger and acquisition teams, and buy out groups. My team becomes your team. We know how to monetize your efforts.

“How To Achieve A Public Valuation For Your Small Business…Guaranteed!” is our adaptation of that public company playbook. Our system really works. We have used this formula for identifying and investing in great public companies. We teach you how to, step by step, create this rich public company valuation for your private company. This is the system for any and all businesses that want to make more and higher quality profits today.

We live in a dynamic fast paced business environment where speed to market and management on the fly is the world in which you work. We get you to the finish line faster with greater profitability. Someday you will transition your business when it’s time to cash out your life’s work. You will want a public company valuation for your private company, “Up and 2 the Right” is the system to prepare for the day you want top dollar.